In the early days, bridesmaids wore the same wedding gown and veil as the bride. The origin of bridesmaids can be traced to ancient Roman tradition that required a new couple to have at least 10 witnesses to ward off evil spirits and confuse jealous guests.

Today, the trend has completely changed. Bridesmaids wear a different dress from the bride, the chief bridesmaid sometimes wears a different colour and dress from the other bridesmaid. We even have mismatched bridsmaids, this is when each bridesmaid chooses a style she is comfortable in while sticking to a central theme.

Every bride wants to make a unique statement with their bridal squad’s fashion. So, if you are looking to give your bridesmaids a jaw dropping bridal party style or a cool and classy look, then you have come to the right place.

Look through our collection of styles for bridesmaids, you will surely find an ideal dress for your girls.

Unique Bridesmaid Dress Idea

Latest Styles For Bridesmaid

And who says your girls have to wear dresses, anyway? Rompers and jumpsuits are a sweet, trendy alternative, and separates consisting of a crop top and skirt are just as stylish, offering a slightly indie vibe. If neither is your thing and you love a good dress, don’t confine your search to typical bridesmaid dresses. There’s a bounty of maxis out there sure to give your bridal party a unique spin.

In choosing the colours for your bridesmaids dressing, you should remember that all colours have different shades and therefore you should pay attention to this in order not to make mistake. Great care should also be taken in your choice of material as choosing the wrong material can make your bridesmaids appear dull. You have materials such as satins, sequins, lace etc that you can choose from depending on your style. For your style, you can choose either Long bridesmaid dresses or short bridesmaid dresses, off shoulder, one hand, ruffled or multilayered, backless, tube, strap/strapless, turtle neck, long sleeve/short sleeve, straight cut or flare bridesmaid dresses. You can choose to buy customized/already made bridesmaid dresses or even find a good stylist/designer to make them for you.

Whether you are trying to decide on a style or even colour for your bridesmaid dresses or you’re just searching just in case he pops the question or you’re trying to narrow down your search, we have pulled together a selection of the best bridesmaid dresses for the year.