Agbada Styles for Men


The Agbada outfit which in plain English could be called the “Grand Boubou” is one of Nigeria’s most trending fashion piece for occasions of all sorts but mainly features its presence at weddings. This outfit is mostly worn by the “Ballers” also known as the “Agbada gang”. Most slay doper that the rest most especially when they come as a couple both in matching Agbada outfits and that is what is known as “Relationship/ couple goals”.

There is something the agbada style does to a man. A man in a well made traditional agbada instantly looks confident, gorgeous and exudes class. When a man in agbada style adjust his sleeves, you can literally hear the money rolling.

The agbada design has become so fashionable, it is a style that never stops trending but rather continues coming out in sophisticated, classy and unique styles. Agbada is generally worn on significant occasions like wedding ceremonies, child dedications and so on.

Are you looking for the latest agbada styles to rock to an event? Below, we have compiled an array of agbada styles for men to inspire you.

Agbada Styles for Classy Men

Latest Agbada Styles for Guys

Agbada styles are known for giving men an elegant look. You can wear it casually or for the ceremony. The Agbada, Baban Riga or Grand Boubou (bubu) as it is fondly called in many parts of Africa especially in Nigeria, is a classic African dress worn by men who want to distinguish themselves from other men. It is related to the Dashiki. Historically, the Agbada derives its roots from Islam.

A complete Agbada consists of the trousers, the long sleeved shelve, and open stitch sleeveless gown.

The Agbada trend is currently topping Nigeria native styles, so to help our style ravens, we have curated different styles to rock in special days ahead.